Top Reasons Why a Seattle Apartment is Great for Newlyweds

Newlyweds Holding Hands

A fairly important question that newlyweds must answer is whether to move into an apartment, a condo, or try the adventure of homeownership. Owning a home is a rewarding and exciting experience, but it’s not the right decision for every newly married couple.

Here are a few reasons moving into an apartment might make the most sense if you’re a newlywed. 

An Apartment Simplifies Monthly Bills & Responsibilities 

It’s not uncommon for couples who have just gotten married to be in the middle of busy lifestyles that include full-time work, as well as school and other activities. Devoting one’s self to homeownership can come with all sorts of time spent on home maintenance, extra bills, and concerns like property taxes and landscaping.

For the most part, living in an apartment eliminates many of the monthly responsibilities that you might experience in a house. Not only do maintenance and landscaping responsibilities rest on the shoulders of your landlord or management company, but your apartment community might even pay for some monthly bills.

Rentometer explains:

“When you’re buying your own house, you need to pay for a lot of things such as property insurance, property tax, just to name a few.

While renting, on the other hand, you only need to pay for the monthly [rent] as well as utility expenses, and that’s it! Moreover, they are way more affordable than owning your own place.”

Instead of having to pay for trash, water, electricity, gas, television, and phone service, you might only need to pay for phone service, a television subscription, and one or two utilities. Some apartment communities even provide internet and offer amenities like on-site gyms, which can eliminate the cost of a gym membership.

When you’re a newlywed, and you want to focus on your career, savings, and getting ready to start a family, a simplified monthly budget in an apartment can prove incredibly beneficial.

An Apartment Makes It Easier to Live Where You Want

It’s pretty common for young couples who buy their first house to settle on a “starter” home that’s in a nice neighborhood, but that is far from work. If you live in Seattle, you might find it almost impossible to buy a house in your desired neighborhood until you’re fully settled in your career with a healthy income.

Living in an apartment is sometimes less expensive than living in a single-family home with a mortgage, and renting can make it possible to live exactly where you want, whether that’s in the middle of the urban center or right next door to where one or both of you work.

Renting an apartment is also incredibly easy when compared to the home buying process. It can take a few days to rent an apartment, but it might take months to find a house and actually finish the buying process.

Visit ClockTower Apartments in Seattle 

While searching for a new apartment is usually easier than finding a house to buy, that doesn’t mean you can take the process lightly. If you’re currently searching for an apartment in Seattle, we invite you to consider ClockTower, where you’ll find amenities galore, an excellent location, and beautiful apartment interiors. Contact us today to arrange a tour or schedule a visit.