Tips for Living with Roommates Without Driving Each Other Crazy

Tips for Living with Roommates

Having a roommate has its advantages, like cheaper rent and having someone to hang out with. But it also has some disadvantages, like different cleaning habits or lack of privacy. Perfect harmony with a roommate is almost impossible to achieve, but a good relationship is possible.

When deciding on a roommate for your apartment in North Seattle, choose carefully. Know what you want out of your roommate situation. There is more to it than sharing the rent and utility bills.

Here are some tips in choosing a roommate for your Seattle apartment:

  • You will want comparable cleaning habits
  • Similar temperaments help
  • Good communications skills will add to the experience and help resolve any differences
  • Schedules that are somewhat alike will ensure better sleep habits
  • A roommate that pays their fair share on time is a big plus

If your new potential roommate is a friend-of-a-friend or a total stranger, spend some time together before sharing your new apartment. Enjoy some coffee on a sun deck, or lunch together in Olympic Hills to see if you really fit together as roommates. Talk about potential scenarios, and past problems with other roommates. This may help you discover if this is a soul-mate roomy, or a no-way roomy.

Before You Move in Together, Agree on Some Basic Ground Rules

Whether this is a friend or total stranger, it is a good idea to have a conversation about typical living habits. Discuss what you are willing to share and what is off-limits. Discuss what you expect in cleaning, paying bills, having friends over and sleeping schedules, weekdays and weekends.

Track Expenses in a Fair Manner That is Visible to You and Your Roommate

If you are tech-savvy, there are plenty of apps available like Splitwise or Venmo that will split bills instantly. ClockTower has easy, online rent pay to allow tenants to pay from their phone, tablet or laptop.

Being Considerate of Your Roommate’s Schedule is Always Helpful

If one works late, don’t decide to run the vacuum or grind some coffee at 6 am. Do that stuff while they are at work so your roommate can get some sleep.

If You Need to Use Something That Belongs to Your Roommate, Ask

If they can’t be reached to ask, let them know through a text and be sure to replace what you used. Know what is totally off-limits for borrowing to avoid any arguments.

Cleaning is Often a Point of Contention for Roommates

Some leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight then do them first thing in the morning. Others want each glass or dish loaded as soon as possible. Discuss this “rule” and stick to it. Agree to a compromise if necessary. Not all roommates make their bed every day. Split the household chores and if you know you have company coming, just do what you need to do, your chore or not.

Be Forgiving

No one is perfect and living with another human being isn’t always easy. Forgive the little missed chores, borrowed toothpaste and snooze alarm; forgiveness goes a long way to roommate compatibility and even friendship. It is also important to solve problems when they are small; don’t let them fester into bigger problems. Always address concerns in a friendly and non-confrontational manner.

Lastly, Don’t Forget to Be Friends

You don’t have to be best friends, but spending time together watching a movie and eating popcorn helps to build a good relationship. Be pleasant, friendly and respectful.

Whether you were already friends or total strangers, having a friend at home in ClockTower Apartments makes time at home more fun.