Tips for Apartment Living with Cats

Tips for Apartment Living with Cats

Nearly two-thirds of American households have at least one pet. Cats lead the list. When having a pet in an apartment, cats are “top dog.”

One of the first things you need to do when choosing a home like ClockTower apartments in Seattle, is to check with the apartment manager on the pet policy. Some apartments do not allow pets, while others only allow cats. ClockTower Apartments allow cats. Check with the apartment manager regarding the type of cat you have and also ask about the number of cats allowed per apartment.

Checking Out a North Seattle Apartment for You and Your Cat

Cat Friendly Apartments Seattle

When choosing and moving into your apartment home, inspect your apartment from your cat’s perspective. Get down on your hands and knees. Are there places to climb, yet be safe?  Are there places to sleep, and places to lie in the sun? Is there a good private spot for the kitty litter box? Is there a room with a view, or a window ledge to allow your cat to see outdoors? These are all things that are important to your cat.

Pets bring families joy, yet, regardless of how well trained, can create noise and sanitation issues. There are some things that apartment dwellers can do to make their pets, and fellow residents, comfortable in their home. Cats are probably one of the easiest pets to have in an apartment. They are relatively quiet animals and typically low maintenance. Characteristically, adult cats are the better option in an apartment; consider a cat breed that is less active. Remember that your cat’s behavior may affect your neighbors. If your cat is noisy or extremely active, your neighbors could rightly complain. If you allow your cat outdoors or on your balcony, remember to be courteous of your neighbors and be respectful of any neighbor’s fears or concerns. Always clean up after your kitty.

Cats do not mind being alone for hours, in fact, some may actually prefer it. A big plus is that they do not require to be let outdoors to perform their “business.” In an apartment, especially smaller ones, keeping up with the litter box is important in avoiding messes and smells. Cleaning daily is best, and twice a day is even better.

If you have an extra, unused bedroom in your apartment, give it to the cat.  You can keep the litter box in the cat’s room. You can also keep the toys and teasers, scratchers and cat towers in that one room for your cat to enjoy.

Maintaining Your Cat Friendly Apartment

Shedding and shredding are the downsides. Shedding can be a problem, especially for allergy sufferers. Frequents dusting, vacuuming and moping will help. Many apartment owners feel that giving their apartment a quick clean-up before bed is helpful. Sweep the floors, wipe down any table or flat spaces that your cat enjoys walking on. Give a quick clean to the littler box and the cat’s eating area. Always check the floors for any cat spit-ups to avoid flooring damage.

Shredding can be costly. A cat’s claws can damage furniture, flooring, and draperies. A good scratching post will help keep your kitty’s claws cleaned up and will allow them to mark their territory with the scent glands in their paws.  Better on the scratching post than on your furniture.

Cost of Having a Cat in Your Seattle Apartment

Usually, when picking a pet-friendly apartment, you can expect to pay a pet deposit and/or a non-refundable pet fee plus an additional charge to the monthly rent. All cats must be registered and approved by your apartment’s leasing office. Also, your kitty must be kept up to date on vaccinations.

Apartment living has many advantages and living with your cat in your apartment can make it that much better. You don’t have to have a big yard to have a pet. Enjoy your apartment’s green spaces and common areas. Be courteous of your neighbors and your management. Lastly, when choosing your apartment, know what your cat needs. You will enjoy coming home to your apartment and your little fur-baby!

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