Things You Should Definitely Buy for Your Seattle Apartment

Seattle Apartment Furnishing

Whether you’re an apartment veteran or a residential newbie, there are several items you’ll need to have on hand when you move into your new apartment in Seattle. Some items may require a bit of an investment, but many of the basic things you’ll need for your apartment may be found at discount stores and through thrift shops or used options. Here are some of the items you’ll definitely need for your new Seattle apartment.

Essentials All Seattle Apartment Dwellers Need

If you’ve always had a roommate, or you’ve only lived with your parents or in a college dormitory, you might not realize all the little items that normally get used in the average apartment. Do you own a toilet plunger for the bathroom? Do you have a spatula and large spoons for the kitchen? Do you own a couch?

While it might not seem like a toilet plunger is a hugely important item, that and a number of other little items are actually pretty important when you need them. What about a clothes hamper and some curtains? Living in an apartment with no curtains can feel a little nerve-wracking unless your apartment comes with blinds and shades.

You might not realize what you lack for your apartment until you move in, and Hotpads offers a great list of items that are usually found in each room of the average apartment. The best way to save money on your move and to avoid buying anything you don’t absolutely need is to move in, put everything in its place, and then figure out what you’re missing.

Items to Purchase After Moving Into Your New Seattle Apartment

After you’ve made sure you have all the items you need for basic living in your apartment (like a bed and a microwave), you can move onto other comforting items that can increase the enjoyment you have in living in your Seattle apartment. For example, buying a bookshelf can offer you a versatile space for books, important documents, and storage.

The Seattle Times shares:

“A bookshelf isn’t just functional; it can also be utilized to display art and small tchotchkes. In a pinch, you can also place an adjustable shelf by your bedside so it can function as a nightstand.”

Other items that you may wish to purchase after you’ve unpacked everything and have seen where there are gaps in your furniture and possessions include plants, wall art, and items for storage. Visiting a basic home goods store like IKEA can help you fill in the gaps where you’re missing items.

Visit Thrift Stores & Find Affordable Used Furniture

If you don’t have an unlimited supply of money, it’s probably best to consider used furniture and other previously owned items to furnish your apartment. You should usually avoid couches and mattresses for secondhand purchases, but it’s a good idea to look at other items like kitchen utensils, art, and items made of wood (like coffee tables and end tables and bookshelves).

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