Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Apartment Living Over Purchasing Real Estate

Benefits of Apartment Living

There are two kinds of dwellers…those that want to own real-estate and those who prefer apartment living. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. The advantages of apartment living can be very convincing. Here are the top ten reasons why you’ll love your new Seattle apartment.

1. It is the Real Estate Agents’ Mantra

Location, location location. While true, the better the location, the more expensive the real-estate. Often, the most affordable way to live in a prime location is to rent an apartment in the area.

2. One Word, Amenities

Swimming pools, gym, and community centers are hard to come by in private real-estate or will cost you extra. Apartment living allows you to have what you want in one location.

3. Less space = Less stuff

Apartment living usually means less square footage of living space.  This is an advantage because you will keep the furniture and things that matter, and then purge the rest.

4. Apartment Living Brings a Nice Social Life

Planned social events, neighbors and babysitters are close by, as well as the seasonal pool are all opportunities and amenities that help you get to know your neighbors and enjoy the company at Clock Tower Apartment Homes.

5. Financial Advantages and Apartment Living Go Hand-In-Hand

Not needing a large down payment and mortgage enables you to save or spend your money elsewhere. Take trips or put more cash into your 401K.  Either way, you can satisfy financial goals.

6. Flexibility is Key

There are so many amazing neighborhoods in the greater Seattle area.  You can rent an apartment in the University District for two years, and then decide to move to Fremont for some funky city living.

7. Repairs Are Not Your Responsibility

Your toilet running and you are clueless about how to fix it?  No problem.  If you live in a home you own, you are surfing YouTube to find out what and how to fix it.  If you live in an apartment, you call management and let them take care of the problem. Easy.

8. Lower Utility Bills

Apartments typically have less square footage than houses or condos. Also, the management company takes care of the HVAC units and windows.  Heating and cooling costs will probably be cheaper than in a home.  Also, other services, like trash pickup, are included in rent.  Not in your own home; that bill is yours.

9. Little to No Gardening Necessary

Lawn care is one of those things some people just love, and others can’t stand to do. On a Saturday morning would you rather get up, get your coffee then go mow the lawn – OR – get your coffee then head out for some shopping, hiking or a long bike ride?

10. Taxes and fees

Property ownership comes with real-estate taxes and HOA fees. In an apartment, those fees belong to the owner of the complex.  That’s another expense you get to skip when you choose to live in an apartment like ClockTower Apartment Homes.

Rent with Freedom of Apartment Living at the Clocktower

Choosing between renting an apartment or buying a home is a tough one. Renting an apartment gives you flexibility, freedom from up-keep and repairs, and allows you to live in the location you want to live in. There are no long-term financial commitments in the apartment living lifestyle.  Renting equals freedom! Contact us today for a tour!