Spring Cleaning To-Do List for your Seattle Apartment

Spring Cleaning Your Seattle Apartment

It’s not unusual to put off projects like spring cleaning for many months, and you might actually reach summer before accomplishing any cleaning after the messy, wet winter. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips and hints you can use as an apartment dweller to make sure you greet the spring with a beautifully clean Seattle apartment, and you won’t need to mess with messes and deep cleaning for many months.

According to My Domaine, all it takes is some “clever” planning… and a great list:

“Once you’ve figured how much you want to tackle, write down all the tasks you plan to handle… If you are planning to clean over a weekend, break down the tasks day by day. Having a clear list of everything you need to clean will help you determine the supplies as well as your schedule (because you’ll definitely need to take breaks to relax!).”

My Domaine suggests that you can get through the planning stage of your spring cleaning project in just one hour. Those 60 minutes will serve you well when you get to spend as little time as necessary on the actual cleaning of your apartment.

Don’t Forget These Projects in Your Seattle Apartment Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is much more than doing the laundry you haven’t gotten to and cleaning a few counter tops. True spring cleaning means getting down to the base layer of your apartment and cleaning things that don’t normally get a lot of attention.

Apartment Therapy offers a great list of tasks you might forget about during your day or weekend spent spring cleaning:

  • Clean all the window treatments.
  • Flip the mattresses in your apartment.
  • Dust the shelves and fans above your head.
  • Donate or recycle things you no longer use.

Consider all the areas in your apartment that don’t see regular attention, and figure out whether it’s time to replace items, conduct a deep-cleaning, or clean things you rarely pay any attention to unless it’s spring cleaning time.

Bring in Outside Help for Certain Tasks

You should consider hiring some help for certain projects, particularly if you’re short on time or you want to clean certain surfaces once in the spring and then not have to worry about them for another year.

For example, if you want to shampoo and deep clean your carpet, you can certainly rent a machine for that purpose, but a professional can often handle the job for about the same price as you can in renting a machine for a few days.

You can also hire companies to perform tasks that you might not want to do because of the chemicals that are often involved in the cleaning process. You can certainly utilize natural cleaners and materials like vinegar and lemon juice for cleaning, but you can also leave the scrubbing to someone else. Most cleaning companies offer “spring cleaning” specials where they come in and take care of all the projects you might not accomplish on a regular basis.

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