Savvy Ideas for the Extra Space in Your Seattle Apartment

Using Extra Space at Your Seattle Apartment

Having extra space in a Seattle apartment isn’t something that everyone gets to enjoy, but there are apartment communities around town that offer homes with ample floor space, tons of closets, and healthy overall square footage.

A variety of circumstances may create extra space in your home, from the departure of a roommate to a child that leaves for college, and you have some fun and creative options for utilizing the space.

Consider Making Friends with a Short-Term Rental

Not all apartment communities allow subletting (it’s usually spelled out in your lease if you can sublet or rent out rooms within your apartment), but you can make some extra money by renting out a room through an outfit like Airbnb.

If you live in an area where people regularly vacation, you might make some good money renting out a room in your apartment to travelers who want the experience of living in a home while on vacation and who aren’t interested in the standard hotel or motel rooms.

If you’re not sure whether you can welcome a guest into your home as an Airbnb renter, the company offers some advice on when it might make sense to ask a landlord if you can participate in short-term rentals:

“You’ve been a tenant for a long time. The landlord is more comfortable with you. The landlord is familiar with Airbnb. The landlord has only a few properties. …and the worse the rental market – the better your position.”

If you’re unable to transform your extra room into an Airbnb rental, you can always create a beautiful space for guests that may end up encouraging friends and relatives who don’t live near you to visit more often.

A friend might feel as though they’re in your way if they don’t have enough room to stay at your apartment. A dedicated space for guests can help you welcome friends and into your apartment with ease. You may even have fun decorating it for guests and putting out different decor for each guest.

Create Something Other than a Home Office or Home Gym

Some of the most popular types of rooms that people create when they have extra space include home gyms, home offices, and guest bedrooms. While each space can offer a useful place to conduct work, exercise, or complete other tasks, there are so many unique and fun options that can transform the space into something truly special.

For example, you might turn the room into a hobby room for a child or for yourself. Perhaps you love to paint, and you’ve always wanted to have a space for painting and creating art. As long as you protect the floor and walls with some sort of covering, you can paint to your heart’s delight in a room meant for creativity and fun.

Not only can an art room help you relax whenever you come home from work or school and have had a stressful time, but it can also help you realize unfulfilled dreams that you never chased when you were a child. Perhaps you always wanted to be a painter (or any type of creative pursuit) and just never had space for it.

Get Creative with Your New Seattle Apartment at ClockTower Apartments

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