Know These Things Before You Move to a New Seattle Apartment

Things to Know When Moving to Seattle

If you’re moving to Seattle, there are some things you should know about living in The Emerald City. An exploration of the quirks and interesting facts of the region may help you select the best apartment. Will you live in the city’s urban center or north of the city?

Here are a few facts that will help you get to know Seattle a little better.

What is it With the Rain in Seattle?

The defining characteristic of Seattle that non-residents seem to know even if they’ve never been to the city is the fact that it rains a lot in Seattle. However, would it surprise you to know that…

“annual precipitation is actually less than in New York or Boston”

…in Seattle, according to a blog post by Estately?  However, it often feels like it rains more often in Seattle because it rains for several months out of the year for a few inches at a time. Meanwhile, New York and Boston usually have more rainstorms with heavy rainfall interspersed with sunny days.

Although Seattle will experience some long stretches of overcast weather, there are actually around 150 sunny days every year, so it’s not cloudy all the time. Seattle does have less than its fair share of sunny days each year (the national average is just over 200), but it makes up for the gray days with some spectacular vistas.

It’s Popular to Grow Things in Seattle

With the heavy cloud cover that Seattle gets during the year, you might not think that the region would be the best for growing things, but small, backyard gardens are very popular for residents. If you’re an apartment dweller, you can build your very own container garden on your balcony or the small green space if your apartment has ground-floor units with small outdoor areas.

You might even be able to participate in a neighborhood garden or grow plants alongside your neighbors and trade vegetables with other growers. You probably won’t save an extraordinary amount of money on your food with a few tomato plants on your balcony, but the process of growing things is still a pretty relaxing hobby.

Seattle has Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Residents of Oklahoma know that they’re in a region with a lot of tornado activity. Florida residents are usually aware that the threat of hurricanes comes every year. People in states like Massachusetts and New Hampshire are always on the lookout for ice storms.

Seattle might have all of those locales beat, however, because not only is the region flush with faults that cause earthquakes, but it’s also in the shadow of actual volcanoes. In fact, an article from The Seattle Times indicated that the state was home to some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the entire country.

Are You Searching for a New Home in Seattle?

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