Indoor Workouts That are Ideal for a Seattle Apartment

Indoor workout equipment

There are outdoor enthusiasts for whom the weather is no barrier to having fun outside, but walking knee-deep in the snow or trudging through ankle-deep puddles of water isn’t the most wonderful experience for the average person.

When the weather starts to become inconvenient, or you’re just not up to getting outside for your exercise, there are some ways to remain active, right inside your Seattle apartment. From bodyweight exercises to working out on simple pieces of equipment, your apartment can become your own home gym without any need for a huge investment of time and money.

Here are a few ways to beat the weather by exercising right inside your apartment.

You Can Get a Cardio Workout Right Inside Your Apartment

A popular feature of indoor fitness equipment is the weight set, but you aren’t restricted to slow and steady weightlifting when you’re exercising in your apartment. As long as you’re aware of the amount of noise that might travel between your unit and your neighbor’s unit downstairs, you can engage in all sorts of awesome exercises.

The magazine Shape has an excellent workout that you can accomplish right inside your apartment, even if there’s snow on the ground or it’s raining buckets.

According to the article:

“Three or four non-consecutive days a week, perform as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of each move in order for 45 seconds with up to 15 seconds rest in between as needed. (To increase the intensity, jog in place for up to 15 seconds instead.) Repeat the entire circuit 4 times total.”

The routine features exercises that include running pyramids, planks, lizard hops, squats, jumping jacks, tuck jumps, and side-kicks.

Invest in an All-in-One Home Fitness Machine

You’ve probably seen a million “As Seen On TV” commercials featuring home gym equipment, and the options can range from simple and inexpensive to complex and worthy of multiple payments.

With a bit of searching, you can probably find the ideal home gym to fit your budget, as well as your intentions as far as working out inside your apartment is concerned. You can often find basic machines that offer some resistance-style exercises and weightlifting features for just a few hundred dollars.

Here are a few tips for finding options that are even less expensive:

  1. Scour 5 Miles and other local selling websites/apps for used gym equipment. You might be able to get a piece of equipment that was barely used for just $20 or $30 that originally cost hundreds of dollars.
  2. Go simple and get some “old school” equipment like a jump rope, a few free weights, and a medicine ball. Not only can use get these items for a relatively modest investment, but you can also perform some very effective exercises with these simple implements.
  3. Find an apartment community with a community gym. You can pay for a gym membership when you live just about anywhere, but an on-site gym at your apartment community can prove incredibly useful and convenient when it’s raining, or the weather is terrible.

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