How to Stay Safe During Your Move to Seattle

Move to Seattle Safely

Making a move to Seattle is a big deal. Moving to a new apartment means undertaking a fair amount of planning, and part of your planning should include methods that will help you avoid danger and injuries.

Here are some topics to discuss with your family (or the friends that will help you move) that will help keep you safe from injuries during your move, as well as keep your family safe during your relocation to Seattle.

These tips will help you whether you’re a relocation veteran or you’re undertaking your first move in many years. 

Avoiding Injuries During Your Move to Seattle Apartment Living

One of the simplest pieces of advice you can consider comes from The Spruce, which suggests proper clothing is very important:

“Wear proper clothing and footwear. Make sure your clothing doesn’t pose a problem, such as loose sleeves or shirttails that might get snagged. Also make sure you wear durable, supportive footwear, with good grip, particularly if surfaces should become wet.”

It’s also important to make sure that your boxes aren’t too heavy to lift and that you always have enough help when you move heavy furniture. It may feel tempting to fill your boxes as much as possible, but doing so can create an unstable box that breaks open when you’re carrying it.

Not only can poorly packed boxes prove dangerous to your possessions, but you can also get hurt if the boxes don’t maintain their structural integrity and become damaged during transit.

A physical therapy business in California actually recommends stretching to warm up before you begin lifting anything heavy:

“Moving should be treated like any other intense activity or exercise. It is important to warm up and stretch before getting started, and a stretch at the end of the move will help relieve and reduce sore muscles and get you back to functioning at an optimal level.”

Keep Kids and Pets Away from the Move

Children can become a liability during a move when they can run underfoot and cause accidents to occur while heavy pieces of furniture are being moved. Pets can also run out of the house or apartment and become lost when the door remains open for a long amount of time.

According to My Moving Reviews, it’s important to place a priority on keeping kids and pets safe during your move:

“[I] t’s your top priority to make your home, children, and pet safe by keeping your little ones as far away from the moving epicenter as possible. To avoid having your kids or pets running around the movers’ feet while the latter are hauling huge, oversized and overweight stuff out of the house, arrange for a trusted friend or relative to watch over and look after your loved ones.”

Your move will likely proceed in a much easier fashion when you can work on getting your possessions relocated without worrying about whether the cat has gotten out of the house or one of the kids has gotten stuck somewhere behind a tower of boxes.

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