How to Prevent Fire and Flood in Your Seattle Apartment

Avoid Apartment Flood Damage

There’s no way to completely prevent fires and floods from impacting an apartment, but there are several ways you can reduce the likelihood of a fire or water-related disaster. From ensuring that smoke detectors are installed to keeping an eye on the plumbing system, simply looking in on a few essential features within your apartment can help keep everyone a little safer.


Here are some things to remember that will help you keep your Seattle apartment safe from water damage and the threat of fire.


Simple Ways to Prevent Fires in Apartments


Your property management company should check the smoke alarms with relative frequency, and you should also keep an eye on your smoke detector, too, to make sure it’s not out of battery power. If your smoke detector begins to beep every once in a while, it’s probably letting you know that it’s running out of battery power.


According to Apartment Guide, the way you arrange your furniture and the appliances you use can also have a dramatic impact on the safety level of your home:


“…with a few steps, you can protect yourself, your home and your belongings. First, closely inspect your home to eliminate potential hazards. Then, use these fire prevention tips and strategies to safeguard your home.”


Some of the safety tips you can follow include always using surge protectors for all appliances and electronic devices, using extension cords appropriately, and getting rid of old extension cords that are frayed or cracked. It’s even recommended that you don’t run extension cords under rugs, which is a popular method of keeping cords out of the way for people walking around the apartment.


How to Reduce Water Damage in Apartments


While it might seem like water damage is easily fixed with some fans and an aired out apartment, a flood event or a broken pipe can cause some serious damage to the structure of your apartment, as well as to your possessions. Fortunately, there are some simple options for reducing the danger a potential flood may pose to your apartment.


According to Property Management Insider, which is a publication that offers guidance to property owners, the danger of a flood inside an apartment can happen at any time:


“Regardless of the season, apartment units can become shallow water pools if they are not properly maintained. Something as simple as a worn out washer hose can flood an apartment and cause as much water damage beyond wet carpet as can torrential rains.”


Although it’s the responsibility of the property owner to keep the residence in good, functioning condition for tenants, it’s also important that tenants follow basic rules and remain aware of the dangers inherent in living in a space with running water.


For example, if you do experience a minor flood in your apartment, it’s important to notify your property management company or the front office, so they can perform remediation or repair if necessary. Repairs will help reduce the likelihood of lasting damage to the apartment and its structure.


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