How to Improve the Lighting of Your Seattle Apartment

Lighting Up Your Seattle Apartment

Natural light in a Seattle apartment can feel difficult to come by when you’re limited on windows and have no options for skylights. Some apartments have high, thin windows along their outside walls and have some rooms – like bathrooms – that don’t have any windows and are only lit from the ceiling.

While you might feel limited on the number of lighting choices you can make in an apartment, you might actually be able to make some impressive changes to your lighting scheme simply because it’s easy to switch things like lighting fixtures and bulbs. 

Use Different Lights Throughout Your Apartment

An article from My Domaine recommends using different types of lighting sources when trying to increase the lighting in your apartment.

“Living rooms are always best appointed when they feature a variety of lighting sources dispersed in a triangular pattern around the room and at differing heights. Use a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures to make your living room feel ultra-cozy and moody. And don’t forget to put everything on dimmers.”

Even if you can’t actually install a new fixture in the ceiling, you can often simply switch out the bulb cover to something more pleasing that you can leave for the duration of your residency and take with you when you move out of the apartment. 

Avoid a Giant Light on the Ceiling 

One of the iconic features of the average apartment is a big, bright lighting fixture on the ceiling that is designed to provide very bright light to every corner of the room. One rather amusing term for these hugely bright ceiling lights is a “glow bomb.”

An article on Section Cut explains:

“This standard-issue lighting is the lowest common denominator; code requires a light fixture, you get one. There. But does anyone truly enjoy living out their lives in spaces that feel like mental institutions?”

If you want to retain the ceiling light in your apartment, but you don’t want to feel completely blinded, you can consider changing the bulb in the “glow bomb” in the ceiling.

Scatter Extra Lights Around the Room

In addition to avoiding the big, bright, and blinding light of a ceiling lamp, you can augment the void left by the lack of an overhead light by placing smaller lights around the room. Lights meant to illuminate art, lights on bookshelves, and table lamps are a terrific way to illuminate the room with different layers of light. 

If you’re in need of a lot of lighting, you can use all of the small lights around the room for maximum brightness. If you only need some light for reading, you can turn on just one of the lights nearest your couch or wherever it is that you relax at night.

The best part about using several lamps around the room is that you can tailor the amount of available light to your exact needs. Turn on all the lights for when you have guests over, or just turn on a single, small light when you’re watching television and don’t want to watch in complete darkness.

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