How to Enjoy Cooking in Your Seattle Apartment Kitchen

Eating in your Seattle Apartment

Spending quality time in your Seattle apartment home will often include spending time in the kitchen with friends and family. You will probably gather frequently in the kitchen whether you live with a significant other, invite friends over often, or occasionally hold dinner parties in your home.

It’s not uncommon for kitchens to become rather crowded and messy, and a kitchen filled with extra stuff can become burdensome in which to cook, as well as unwelcoming to guests. If you’ve started to dread heading into the kitchen each evening to gather with friends and cook, here are a few ways to regain control of your family’s important space.

Spend a Weekend Clearing Out Your Kitchen

You might not realize how much extra stuff your kitchen stores until you go through all the cabinets and take a look at the items you never or rarely use. You might find extra pots and pans, old boxes of food, and extra utensils that you haven’t used since you were in college.

Many of the items you’ll find may find a better home with a student or someone in need, and you can send some of the items that are too old or that are broken to the recycling center or trash. If you’re one of those people who keep everything “just in case,” consider whether some of the extra items you have are truly worth the hassle of storing, moving, and organizing.

Begin Creating Meal Plans

Some of us are ultra-organized and know absolutely everything we’ll eat for the next week and beyond. Most of us, however, are much less dedicated to planning future dinners, and cooking each night becomes a hodgepodge of eating out, delivery, and items thrown in the microwave for a few minutes.

While these decisions can reduce the time it takes to prepare dinner to nothing, the habits we may create in eating out each day can become burdensome to the family budget, as well as unhealthy when every night features fast food, pizza, or some sort of unhealthy takeout food.

Creating a meal plan for the week – even if it’s just a rough sketch of food that we may eat during the next several days – can greatly improve the quality of the food eaten each day, as well as reduce the cost of impulse buys that occur with regularity when no one has any idea what they want to eat.

Eat at the same time every dayEat at the Same Time Each Day

One of the issues that can create a burden when it comes to cooking and preparing meals is having no set schedule for eating. Not only can a haphazard dinner schedule make it easier to make bad decisions regarding food, but it can also mean extra time spent in the kitchen each evening.

Setting a specific time to eat each evening can make it easier to share the responsibilities in the kitchen, particularly when one member of the family often takes care of most of the meals. Setting a time to eat each day can help the family increase quality time together and ensure someone different has dish duty each evening.

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