Essential Conversations During Your Seattle Apartment Search

Important Conversation During Apartment Move

Searching for an apartment in Seattle can sometimes feel like playing a game of darts while blindfolded. You might feel like finding the perfect spot is just a matter of chance. However, there are some simple ways you can increase the likelihood of finding a terrific place to live.

Explore the Neighborhoods of Seattle, Then Search

If you’re not already familiar with Seattle and its surrounding cities and suburbs, you’re at a disadvantage as far as finding the “perfect” place to live. You might find a great apartment, but it might end up being in the wrong place as far as location, commutes, and other factors are concerned.

Familiarizing yourself with the neighborhoods of Seattle can help you focus your search efforts. According to Onerent:

“Go on Zillow, Craigslist, Onerent and start looking around in different areas for the average prices and commute times. If you enjoy a short commute, then you can take a look at Capitol Hill or Queen Anne. If you would rather live farther and save money on rent, taking a look at Beacon Hill or West Seattle can be an option.”

Even if you don’t plan to move for several months, checking the general availability, as well as getting to know some of the neighborhoods and their apartment communities can make it easier to find a new home when the time comes to begin your search.

Spend a Weekend Driving Around the Neighborhood

If you have a car, take a weekend to drive around the neighborhoods you’ve identified as likely candidates for your new home. If you don’t own a car, it might even be worth renting a vehicle for a few days for a driving tour of the region. Taking a friend along for the ride can help get you an additional perspective during the trip, and it can help to have someone with you who can act as a navigator.

Jump Shell shares:

“Here’s another secret for how to find an apartment in Seattle: Go there. Go to the place where you’ll be working, calculate the distance of the commute you’d be willing to drive every day, and then use that as a measure to drive around in a comfortable radius, with your workplace in the center.”

During your travels, you might find a little hamlet or neighborhood you’ve never been to or heard of before, and it might turn out to be the perfect place to search for your future Seattle apartment.

If you regularly use a bicycle to get to work, or you generally utilize public transportation, you might want to follow up your neighborhood search with an afternoon spent using the local transportation options. If you have time, a trip to your chosen neighborhood during rush hour traffic might give you even more valuable information about your possible, daily experience in the area.

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