Creating an Efficient and Affordable Seattle Apartment

Creating a Budget at Your Seattle Apartment

One of the first conversations many people have when searching for a new Seattle apartment is the cost, and the rental rate is often the most important factor in choosing an apartment. However, rent is just one part of the story when it comes to saving money each month on living costs.

Maintaining an energy-efficient lifestyle is an incredible way to save money each month, as well as to ensure you’re able to accomplish everything you can at your income level, whether it’s vacations, savings, or investments.

Here are a few things to consider as you design an efficient and affordable apartment lifestyle.

Moving to a Seattle Apartment? Get to Know Excel or a Spreadsheet Program!

Computer programs like Excel sometimes require that users take a class on how to fully utilize the program. Unfortunately, many people shy away from using Excel because of its reputation for being a difficult program to use.

However, the program is actually pretty easy to use if you’re just interested in tracking your monthly bills. If you have basic computer skills, it doesn’t take long to begin to utilize this program, and it can prove to be incredibly useful in reducing your overall cost of living.

A spreadsheet program can help whether you’re searching for an apartment or are well into your residency at your current apartment community.

Forbes reveals:

“When you’ve looked at several apartments, they can all start to blend together and trying to keep track of all of the details (amenities, rental rates, security deposit amounts, contact information) can get stressful. Do yourself a favor and create a quick spreadsheet.”

One of the best reasons to use a spreadsheet during your apartment search is because it can help you remember all the tiny details about the apartments you visit. A keen understanding of the costs associated with an apartment community can lead to significant savings over the next year or two that you live in the community.

Additionally, excel can help you track your monthly budget over time after you’ve moved in. Take a look at your cable bill (or whatever service you use for television) and compare the rate that you paid when you moved into your apartment against your most recently paid rate. You might be shocked at the difference in price.

Use Your Savings to Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Hopefully, your use of Excel (or any spreadsheet program) will help you reduce your overall money spent each month. Your tidy and efficient budget can also help you increase your efficiency in other areas of your life, such as in your energy efficiency.

Projects you can consider:

  • Upgrading your light bulbs to LED bulbs (take them with you when you move)
  • Switch to low-flow faucets (sometimes possible in apartment buildings)
  • Use thermal curtains to retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer

You may find it fun to see how much money you can save by changing your habits and upgrading various facets of your life. Use the savings you enjoy for upgrading the features of your apartment or to build a fund for something you want to buy like a future car, a vacation, or an investment plan.

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