Consider These Factors About Parking at Your Seattle Apartment

Parking at apartment complexes

Parking accommodations are often one part of a huge, long list you may make about the questions you should ask your future apartment owner, landlord, or management team. The vast majority of apartment communities offer some type of parking, but there is a significant variety in the accommodations offered.

A few questions about your future apartment community’s parking features and rules:

Check Out the Parking Rules

It’s not just about finding an apartment that offers a parking spot. Living in the ideal apartment also means finding one with rules that can accommodate your lifestyle. One of the biggest issues you might face when renting an apartment is the guest parking options.

Do you have frequent visitors? You might want to check out the number of guest parking spots your apartment community offers. Most important, you’ll want to ask about the rules surrounding guest parking.

Ask these questions if you are concerned about guest parking at your Seattle apartment:

  • Are there time limitations on how long a guest can use a spot?
  • How many guest parking spots may one resident use?
  • Is there a special guest pass that visitors must display?

If you have a particularly frequent visitor who has a car, you might even be able to purchase a second assigned parking spot for your apartment. Just make sure you check out the apartment rules for guests before you try to get an extra spot and invite your guests over for extended stays.

Tip: Take a walk around the apartment building to see what kind of extended parking options are available. If you invite a few friends over, but you only have one guest parking spot allowed,

Employ Politeness When You Park

After you’ve signed your lease and have moved into your new home, you’ll want to remember your manners when parking. You might find that your new apartment has assigned parking, and your old apartment community was designed as a free-for-all for the parking lot. Always use your assigned parking spot, and use common sense when parking.

An article on Apartment Search suggests:

“Even if someone is breaking these rules or frustrating you in the apartment parking lot, don’t lose your temper. You’ll likely see them again—and they know where you live!—so control the road rage. If they are repeat offenders, let your apartment management know so they can deal with it appropriately.”

You might be aware of the old adage, “an eye-for-an-eye makes the whole world blind,” and getting someone “back” for their crappy parking skills probably won’t win you any battles at your apartment community. The best option is to go to your apartment manager if you find someone is routinely making things difficult for other drivers.

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