Choosing the Right Size Seattle Apartment for Family Living

Seattle Apartment

Choosing the right Seattle apartment size might not seem like a difficult task, but lifestyle changes, expanding families, and moves across the state or country can necessitate a conversation on apartment size. Will you move in with a roommate? Will you share your space with a significant other? Is it time to strike out on your own and live alone for the first time?

Here are a few things to consider regarding your apartment choice and size.

Choosing a Studio Apartment for Efficient Living

A studio apartment tends to offer the smallest square footage available in the average apartment home. Sometimes referred to as “efficiency” or “bachelor” apartments, these homes usually feature a single room that doubles as an entertainment and living space, as well as a bedroom area.

Efficiency apartments may only have a partial kitchen, but they may also have a full kitchen in some cases. If you’re on a tight budget, living in a bachelor apartment can help you remain fiscally responsible while attending college or while working in an expensive city where rental prices are higher than average.

Living in a One-Bedroom Seattle Apartment

A one-bedroom apartment tends to offer the ideal living space for a single occupant or a couple. Living with a roommate in a one-bedroom apartment may result in a cramped living experience, and couples who have a child may find a one-bedroom apartment a little confined, too.

According to an article in The Oregonian newspaper, there are some circumstances where a one-bedroom may suffice for roommates, but you may have to make some compromises.

“Some luxury apartment complexes offer one-bedroom units with an extra half-bathroom. These work for roommate situations, but still aren’t ideal, because one of you will have to sleep on a foldout in the living room and sharing closet space can be difficult.”

Moving Into a Two-Bedroom or Three-Bedroom Apartment

Many apartment communities have two-bedroom apartments available as an option, but not all communities offer three-bedroom residences. Two-bedroom apartments tend to provide ideal living situations for roommates or small families, and three-bedroom apartments often offer enough space for families with multiple children.

Large apartments do tend to cost more than small residences, but sharing the cost with a roommate or significant other can help reduce the cost for each person living in the apartment.

For example, a one-bedroom may cost $1,500 a month, and a two-bedroom apartment may cost $1,800, so sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate would mean paying $900 a month when living with a roommate, which would offer a lower cost of living than a one-bedroom apartment lease.

One-Bedroom and Two-Bedroom Apartments in Seattle

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