A Checklist You’ll Need for a Stress-Free Move to Seattle

Move to Seattle

Moving from one apartment to another requires some serious juggling, even if you don’t own a lot of things, and you live life in a fairly simple manner. Arranging for a moving company is just one step in the long list of responsibilities you’ll have when you move.

According to moving.com, a truly comprehensive moving plan includes eight weeks of various tasks. The list begins with researching moving companies at least two months in advance to notifying schools about the move when you have a month before the move to buying water bottles for moving day, so you’re not parched from the effort. 

Although there are loads of tasks you might need to complete, making a list of things you need to accomplish before moving day can make the whole process much easier.

 Less Obvious Moving Tasks to Consider  

Completing tasks like switching over your utilities and hiring a moving company are somewhat obvious as far as moving to-do lists are concerned. However, there are several other tasks you might not realize deserve a spot on your moving checklist. 

Here are a few less obvious projects:

Have Cash on Hand

Don’t get caught without access to money because you can’t find an ATM or you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t take credit cards. If you don’t normally carry cash, consider having some on hand for last-minute purchases and tasks like tipping your movers.

Tell Your Neighbors You’re Moving

There are a couple of reasons to let your neighbors know you’re moving. You can make sure they know about the moving truck that (may) block part of their driveway, or take up space on the street. Also, it’s just a polite move!

Don’t Forget The Trash

It’s not uncommon to end up with a fair amount of trash after you pack everything at your apartment before the big move. Sometimes, you might throw away items rather than move with them, and it’s important to make sure your trash won’t just sit after you leave.

 Update Your Addresses

You’ll need to let loads of people, companies, and various entities know about your new address. It’s not just about setting up new services. It’s about letting all the companies you will retain relationships with know about your move, too.

Create a To-Do List in Date Order

 Jotting down several tasks you want to accomplish before, during, and after your move can help you remember everything without having to try. All you have to do is take a look at your list and see where you are as far as checked-off items and tasks that you still have to accomplish.

 However, if your list is really long, you might have trouble prioritizing everything, and you might get to a point where you’ve completely forgotten there’s a second page, or there are some time-sensitive responsibilities on the list. 

Making a moving to-do list that places everything in chronological order can help you reduce stress by making sure you don’t pass the due-date for anything. A date-ordered list can also make it easier to spread tasks out over time, so you’re not rushing to do everything right before moving day.

 A list will help you make sure you don’t move into your new apartment, only to find that there’s no power, you forgot to leave a toothbrush outside of your packed boxes, and you left a big bag of trash in your old apartment’s kitchen.

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We know you have a ton of things to do before your move and that finding the ideal apartment home is just one on your long list of relocation duties. We think a visit to ClockTower Apartment Homes will make your move much easier because you’ll have the biggest task out of the way after you tour with us – finding a new apartment. Contact our leasing staff today for more information.